Step-by-Step Instructions For How To Make A Coupon Book

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Are you looking for a thrifty gift idea that is creative, unique, and teaches budgeting? A coupon book makes a thoughtful and personal gift for all ages. We will show you how to make a coupon book by hand or using Word in this step-by-step guide. You can use templates to make well designed, organized coupon books with ease, or make a personal and artistic creation yourself.

Why Make A Coupon Book?

A coupon book shows the gift recipient that you care about them. The time and effort put into creating the coupon book and the gifts offered in the coupons will show them you are there for them. It is also budget-friendly and allows you to give thoughtful, homemade gifts rather than store-bought ones. Coupon books are a great gift for many occasions.

A coupon book can be a learning experience for children. As an activity, you can show them how to make a coupon book that they can give away. Coupon books can help children understand value and budgeting because the coupon has a limited redemption value. Coupon books can offer a friend or family member fun gifts that are helpful and practical. Coupon books can also be a romantic gift for your partner with coupons like a massage or a night out.

Tips On How To Make A Coupon Book

Who Is The Recipient?

Redeemable Gifts

The Right Occasion


Coupon Books Aren't Just Gifts

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How To Make A Coupon Book In Word


The Cover

The Pages

Printing Your Book

Crafting Your Coupon Book

Crafting Your Coupon Book

Folding And Cutting The Pages

Punching Holes In The Coupons

Binding The Pages Together

Finishing Touches

Where Can You Find Coupon Book Templates?

Templates are available online to make your own coupon book. With a template, you need not be a digital artist to make a coupon book that looks great. You can find templates for single pages, covers, and even full books. You can choose templates and make changes to suit your liking.

Templates are a great way to save time and allow you to make beautiful designs even if you aren't artistic. Although they aren't as personal, full book templates make a nice coupon book if you are short on time. You only need to print and bind the book to give it as a gift.


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Now that you know step-by-step instructions on how to make a coupon book, you should be on your way to creating your first coupon book. Create for gift-giving or business purposes. Take an organized and artistic approach and make thoughtful coupons by hand or with Word.

It can be a fun experience for children and adults to learn how to make a coupon book. You can share this gift idea with friends and family when you give a coupon book for any occasion. Take some time to review templates to get an idea of how your own coupon book might look.


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