15 Places to Find Cheap Bras That Still Support

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As women, bras are an absolute necessity for everyday under-the-shirt wearing. Back in the day, each bra had a basic form that was the same, and there were no varieties. Nowadays, there are as many shapes, sizes, materials, and types as there are shirts and pants to wear. But unfortunately, with this increase in variety comes a vast increase in price. Before we knew it, bras were being sold as luxury items when they are a necessity for us. We need cheap bras that will make us feel like we aren't breaking the bank for needed attire.

Because of the vast varieties out there nowadays, the market for bras can be confusing and overwhelming. We understand this, and our experts are here to help you find the best cheap bras out there that still offer long-lasting quality and durability you'll be excited to take home with you. Let's jump right in to look at fifteen oft he best places to find cheap bras that will still support you no matter what.

Bras FAQ

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How We Reviewed

Our team spent much time and effort to bring you this unbiased best-of list featuring the fifteen best cheap bra brands out there. We reviewed:

  • Forever 21
  • Amazon
  • Bluebella
  • Macy's
  • Khol's
  • HerRoom
  • ASOS
  • Target
  • Urban Outfitters
  • H&M
  • Yours Clothing
  • Aerie
  • Lane Bryant
  • True&Co
  • Nordstrom Rack

Forever 21

forever 21 products

Known for its trendy apparel that's also affordable, Forever 21 offers cheap bras that are no exception to the affordability of their store stock. Their bras range in price from $5 to $35, and they carry sizes from 32A through 4H. They offer free shipping on orders that total more than $50.

2. Amazon

amazon bras

Known for its user-friendly interface, testimonials from manufacturers on all items, honest customer reviews, and a myriad of brands to choose from, you can find lots of cheap bras at Amazon easily. Their bras, bralettes, and sports bras start at around $5 and go up from there. They offer sizes 28AA through 58K so everyone can find something that fits them, and the best part is that if you have a Prime membership, you'll get a free two-day shipping.

3. Bluebella

bluebella bras

Bluebella offers cheap bras that are also high-quality because of their belief that lingerie should be durable and affordable. They offer a generous 15% student discount and their bras and bralettes range in price from $5 to $64. They carry sizes 30A through 40H and they offer free shipping on orders totaling more than $60.

4. Macy's

marcys bra

Though it's not known for having inexpensive items, those looking for cheap bras will be pleasantly surprised to find that Macy's offers many buy-one-get-one-free sales multiple times a year. Macy's features additional 15 to 25 percent off of brands you'll love such as Bali, Playtex, Warner, and Vanity Fair.

They offer free shipping if you take advantage of their beauty deal: add one beauty item to your cart (like a tube of chapstick) and get free shipping on the entire order. They have a one-year return policy via mail or retail locations.

5. Khol's

khols bra

If you are looking for cheap bras in great brands such as Bali, Playtex, and Maidenform, Khol's offers a price break sale on bras that's paired with additional coupon savings for maximum money-saving opportunities. Their return policy has no time limit but make sure you keep your receipts or remember what card you made your purchase with. You can execute returns via mail or at any retail location.

6. HerRoom

HerRoom Bras

You can find excellent cheap bras at HerRoom, as they offer a wide selection of brands from notable places like One Hanes Place, Vanity Fair, and Chantelle. They offer sizes A through G and leave no one out no matter the size one needs. They offer a thirty-day return policy, but only by mail.


asos bras

With prices ranging from $8 to over $200, there is something for everyone in the way of cheap bras at ASOS. With lots of complimenting styles to choose from, you'll feel comfortable and confident. There is a bra for every occasion here and the sizes range from 32A to 44L. Try out their cleavage-boost backless stick-on bra and you'll never want to go back to the annoying back and shoulder straps.

8. Target

target bras

From Bralettes to push-up bras to strapless to wireless to nude, Target is an excellent go-to superstore for cheap bras. Not only do they have a bra for every occasion in a woman's life, but they also have over 350 choices online and in-store and their stock is neatly organized to help you quickly find exactly what you're looking for. Their prices range from $7 to $60 and their bra sizes go from 28A to 54H.

9. Urban Outfitters

urban outfitters bras

The cheap bras from Urban Outfitters have the benefit of being unique and catering to everyone. Some of their comfy fits will have you wondering if you really are wearing a bra or not. Their prices start at $16 and go to about $44. They offer free shipping for orders totaling more than $50 and their sizes go from 32A to 36D.

10. H&M

HandM bras

These cheap bras are cost-effective, comfortable, and often come in value packs for extra money-saving. Their prices range from $10 to $35 and they carry sizes 32A through 38F. There are free shipping opportunities for orders that total more than $40 and with the promo code of 0040.

11. Yours Clothing

yours clothing bras

Yes, these are cheap bras, but what they also are is stunning, inclusive pieces that keep larger ladies in mind as they go up to a 56 inch band size so there is something for everyone. Their prices range from $7 to $60 and they carry sizes from 40B through 40K. Shipping to the UK and US is not free but it is cheap at only $5.

12. Aerie

Aerie Bras

Aerie offers cheap bras at versatile sizing that will have you feeling confident about buying online even if it's a first for you. They frequently offer amazing sales that are usually paired with free shipping and returns can be done by mail or at any retail location. They feature models of all body types and their prices range from $15 to $44. They carry sizes 30A through 40DD.

13. Lane Bryant

lane bryant bras

Though the size selection is lacking compared to other items on our list such as HerRoom, Lane Bryant offers cheap bras and often has buy-one-get-one-free deals. They cater to bigger ladies with their sizes being C through H.

They have one-day shipping flash deals a few times a year, but other than that shipping is rarely free and averages about $8. You have the option to pick up your bras in-store, and they offer a 45-day return policy by mail or to any of their retail store locations. Their prices range from $10 to $70, and they offer sizes from 38D to 50DDD.

14. True&Co

trueandCo bras

Not only does True&Co offer cheap bras, but they take the hassle of dressing rooms out of the equation by having customers take a fit quiz to find exactly what they need. This also allows you to shop online with confidence. Their bras range in price from $8 to $68, and they offer free shipping on orders totaling more than $75. They offer sizes from 32A through 38DDD and include all shapes and sizes.

15. Nordstrom Rack

nordstorm rack bras

You can find cheap bras at Nordstrom Rack as they offer huge discounts on 97 different brands including Chantelle, Natori, Felina, and Wacoal. Keep in mind that in-store, their intimates section appears a bit unorganized and it can be hard to find the right size.

We highly recommend shopping online because of this, and they accept returns in-store or by mail for 90 days after purchasing. Their bras range in price from $15 to $190, and they carry sizes 32AA through 46K.

The Verdict

We hope our list of the fifteen best places to get cheaper bras has given you a few substantial options for your next best bra brand. Pick out your favorite retailer or manufacturer from our list and go to its online store to check out its prices and find the perfect bra for you. If it is your first time shopping online for a bra, we recommend either Aerie or True&Co as they offer versatile brands and a fit quiz to help you find your match. What are you waiting for?