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What You Need to Know About Kohl’s Cash

Kohl's cash

Kohl’s is a great store that sells a variety of items. You can shop at Kohl’s by going to an in-person store or by going to

No matter how you shop, though, you’ll be glad to know that you can earn money back- money to spend at Kohl’s- every time you shop. This free money is known as Kohl’s Cash, and you can think of it like a really nice Kohl’s coupon that enables you to save money on every purchase or, if you save up your Kohl’s cash enough, to even get items for free.

How Much Kohl’s Cash Can You Earn?

Unlike a basic Kohl’s coupon code or general Kohls promo codes, Kohl’s Cash is earned in specific amounts based on how much you spend in the store.

Basically, anytime you spend $50, you will receive $10 in Kohl’s Cash. So, a $50 purchase would earn you $10 while a $100 purchase would earn you $20 and so on and so on.

Because of how the Kohl’s Cash program works, you actually earn more by spending more. So, the more you spend, the better. If that’s not a great reason to shop, nothing is!

Receiving Your Kohl’s Cash Earnings

Now that you understand how Kohl’s Cash works, you may be wondering how you actually receive your Kohl’s cash. That all depends on how you did your shopping.

If you were shopping in the store, for example, you’ll earn your Kohl’s cash in the form of a coupon. If you shopped online or via a kiosk, however, you’ll get an email with your Kohl’s Cash code attached.

All of these earnings can be spent anywhere, i.e. Online, in store, or at a kiosk, so it really doesn’t matter how you receive your Kohl’s cash.

Consider Opening a Kohls.Com Account 

As mentioned earlier, you can earn Kohl’s cash when you shop online. However, if you plan to shop online often and want to make redeeming your Kohl’s cash easier, it is highly advisable to make a shopping account.

An online shopping account is convenient because it will store your billing and shipping information, keeping you from having to type this info in every single time you order something.

It’s also nice when it comes to Kohl’s Cash because, with an online account, any Kohl’s cash you earn is automatically stored in your online Kohl’s “Wallet,” a virtual wallet you can spend from freely as you earn rewards.

Signing up for an account is totally free, so this step is definitely worth it if you prefer to shop online.

Make Sure You Pay Attention to Redemption Dates 

When you earn Kohl’s Cash, the most important thing to pay attention to is the redemption date range on your “cash.”

These dates will let you know when your cash is available to be spent and when it expires. You can double check these dates on the coupon you received or in the email you received with your rewards enclosed.

The Kohl’s stores and website will also typically publicize these dates and remind you as redemption periods are nearing to a close. Make sure you pay attention to these types of updates since rewards do not “roll over,” and you don’t want to miss using your rewards while you can.

Enjoy the “No Brand Exclusions” Rule

It has to be mentioned that one of the nicest things about the Kohl’s Cash program is that, unlike most other reward programs, there are no brand exclusions. What that means, in simple terms, is that you can use your rewards on absolutely anything you want in the Kohl’s store, no matter what its cost or brand.

So many other rewards programs place restrictions on what can be purchased with rewards, ensuring the store earns real cash for higher end items. With Kohl’s Cash, though, you can buy anything you want with your rewards, making this program an easy way to save up for items you want but can’t afford to buy fully on your own.

As you can see, there are a great many benefits and advantages to using Kohl’s Cash. You simply need to know how to use it in order to get the maximum benefits possible Following the tips and information presented here is a great place to start.